Documenta 2022 Collection




Documenta 2022 Collection


A Collection of Objects, Literature, and Children's Books exhibited at Documenta 2022 (Kassel).


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Banania Hot Chocolate Tin
Rectangle-topped yellow metal tin containing 1kg hot chocolate powder, illustrations of a black man, and instructions on how to use

Playmobil Sinterklaas Set
Playmobil children's toy set showing Sinterklaas mounted on Amerigo alongside Zwarte Piet with a bag of toys and presents. Blue box with informational instructions and drawings of the figurines.

The Palmtree Impregnated Safety Match
Small box of matches emblazoned with a Black figure in front of several palmtrees on a beach. The Black figure is holding a sickle and has a yoke across his shoulders with water jugs. The words 'The Palmtree' are in a stylised ribbon, with the text…

Robertson's Redcurrant Jelly Jar
225g glass jar of Robertson's Redcurrant Jelly, illustration of a golliwog on the label and lid, ingredient list. The Jolly Golly/Golliwog figure was created by Florence Kate Upton in 1895. She illustrated a book called Two Dutch Dolls and a…

Afrikaner' Theatre Make-Up Kit
Perspex plastic box containing make-up paints and crayons to be used for blackfacing. The kit is sealed using a red, white, and black paper sticker with the bust of a caricatured 'Afrikaner' character smiling on the front with gold-hooped earrings,…

Documenta 2022
"Ruangrupa" is the Artistic Direction of the fifteenth edition of Documenta. The Jakarta-based artists’ collective has built the foundation of their Documenta fifteen on the core values and ideas of lumbung (Indonesian term for a communal rice barn).…

Sarotti Moor Sculpture
Polyresin sculpture depicting a dark-skinned boy carrying a golden coloured tray in line with the symbolic imagery typical of Blackamoor figures. The figure is dressed ornately from head-to-toe with vibrant colours and an outfit that seems inspired…

Sarotti Praline Tin
Metal tin used to contain Sarotti Praline Chocolates. The top of the tin includes an scene of five caricatured Moor figures rowing in an eastern-style riverboat down a river dressed in traditional orientalised/Moorish dress. This scene is set against…

Sarotti Toy Car
Metal and plastic toy car contained in clear perspex and cardboard packaging. The model depicts a 1935 Morris Parcels Van toy produced in partnership with the Sarotti chocolate company as a form of advertising. It features three Moor caricature…

Mekka Cardboard Tobacco Box
Red cardboard box depicting an Arab man smoking a tobacco pipe, he wears a white Arab robe with blue and gold detailing on it along with a headscarf. This box was used to contain 50g of Oriental mix tobacco. Created by Cruwell-Tabak. The word "Mekka"…

Dobbelmann Neuer Orient
Metal tobacco tin containing 50 grams of cigarette loose-leaf tobacco. The tin is decorated with a yellow/gold outer coating with a white central stripe containing the brand logo, information about the tobacco product "Neuer Orient, 50 Gramm Netto"…

Showing Our Colors: Afro-German Women Speak Out by May Opitz (1991)

African Europeans: An Untold History by Olivette Otele (2021)

The ABCs of Black History by Rio Cortez (2020)

Papoea: Een geschiedenis (Dutch Edition) by Dirk Vlasblom (2019)
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