Philomena Essed Collection (Bijlmer)


Philomena Essed Collection (Bijlmer)


A collection of books donated by Philomena Essed that is archived and maintained by The Black Archives (Bijlmer).


The Black Archives

Collection Items

Promoting Racial Harmony by Michael Banton (1985)

Black Britain by Chris Mullard (1973)

Blacks in bondage (Slaves who abolished slavery) by Richard Hart (1980)

Racism and Colonialism: Essays on Ideology and Social Structure (Comparative Studies in Overseas History) by R.J. Ross (1982)

Passport to Benefits?: Racism in Social Security by Paul Gordon (1985)

Racial Consciousness by Michael Banton (1988)

Testing African-American Students: A Question of Validity -- Special Issue of "The Negro Educational Review" by Asa G. (Editor) Hilliard (1991)

At the Rendezvous of Victory by C.L.R. James (1984)

Forsaken Lover: White Words and Black People by Chris Searle (1972)

A Portrait of English Racism by A Dummett (1973)

Van Priary tot en met De Kom: De geschiedenis van het verzet in Suriname 1630-1940 by Sandew Hira (1982)

Here for Good: Western Europe's New Ethnic Minorities by Stephen Castles (1987)

Black British, White British by Dilip Hiro (1991)

British Racism, Miseducation and the Afrikan Child by Dimela Yekwai (1986-08-06) (1884)

Bartolome de las Casas: Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas (2010)
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