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Sarcasm, Quote, Multilingual, Meme

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Second Nationality, Dual-Citizenship, Fraud

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Zwarte Piet, Sticker, Question

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Systematic, Instagram, Social Media

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Multilingual, Hashtag, Social Media

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Zwarte Piet

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White Silence, Multilingual

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Zwarte Piet, Sticker

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Hashtag, Quote, Clarice Gargard, NRC, The Netherlands, Moria, Refugees, Intersectional

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Lowlands, Surinamese, Hipster, Moroccan, Cultural Appropriation, Hip Hop, Allyship, Twerking, Vogue, Silence, Exploitation, Intersectional

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Radical, Equality

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Zwarte Piet, Spray Paint

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Institutional, Tax Office, Slavery, South Europe, Ethnic Profiling, Police, Zwarte Piet, Europe
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