Adriaan van Dis



Adriaan van Dis


Adriaan van Dis (Bergen aan Zee, 16 December 1946) is a Dutch author. He debuted in 1983 with the novella Nathan Sid. In 1995 his book Indische Duinen (My Father's War), which in its narrative is a follow up to his debut novella, was also awarded several prestigious literary awards.

His father was born in the Dutch East Indies to Dutch parents[1] and his mother a farmer's daughter from Breda who had met each other in the Dutch East Indies after the War. By then his mother already had three daughters from her first marriage to a Royal Dutch East Indies Army KNIL officer of Indo-European descent.

With the publication of his Indies inspired compilation book De Indie boeken (The Indies books) in 2012, van Dis establishes himself as one of the most significant second-generation authors of Dutch Indies literature.


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