Koloniale Waren Tin

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Koloniale Waren Tin


Metal tin bearing the title "Koloniale Waren" and tag-line "Met Knorr krijg je de smaak te pakken." On the lid, "Koloniale Waren" appears in a half-inch tall banner in red, outlined in black with four small white lines running through the bottom of the letters. On top of the banner is a grey design with small leaves. Below the banner is a yellow banner with black dots forming the design. At either side of the banner's edge are small depictions of leaves or plumes, with small certificate-like images to the edge of either plume. Below the banner is a shop scene, depicting two women in colonial dress leaning over the shop counter, behind which a man in an apron gestures to a box, with his hand on a cylindrical container. Behind the man are shelves of product, and six other containers of produce are on the counter. The front of the counter has three small panels on it, each of which has a leaf/plant design. Another man in a top hat opens the door to the shop. At the edges of the scene are two reddish pillars, shaped like bottles with a wide base that holds straight for most of its length before tapering to about half the size in the top centimetre. Atop each pillar is a grey rectangle. At the base of the left-hand red pillar is a small grey pot with a label drawn in black. At the base of the right-hand pillar is a grey box, also with a label in black, on top of which is a wine bottle. The semi-symmetrical design continues outward toward the edge of the box with each pillar edged with a plant in silhouette. There is a bird perching on the right-hand plant and a bird in flight just above the left-hand plant. Outward from there is another pillar, this one more neo-classical in design. The pillar is fluted and at its top has a decorative plant-shape mould, which is the base for the plumes that edge the "Koloniale Waren" banner. At the base of the pillars is a circular orange panel with what appears to be a small drawing of the Dutch royal crest. Below this seal is a vase, which rests on another small pillar, this one more rudimentary in design. Below the shop scene is a 2cm by 7cm rectangular cream panel which bears the "Knorr" tagline. The word "Knorr" is in red in the brand's trademark font (a cursive style), with a chef's hat above it also drawn in red. The rest of the words are in black in a serif font. At the top corners of the panel are yellow and orange decorative flourishes that resemble flowers. This panel is inside another, larger panel, this one yellow, with a decorative flourish at the top resembling a picture frame. Atop this yellow panel is another panel, this one grey, at the centre of which is an art deco-style semicircle in black and grey. Atop the grey panel, on the left-hand side, is a yellow box; at the right-hand side, there is a grey box, a red bottle, a pinkish pot, and another yellow box behind these items. The shop scene connects to this grey panel. At the edges of the "Knorr" panel and its encompassing yellow panel are two identical panels, each white with a drawing of a small cartoon child dancing in red. These panels have decorative flourishes that are more cornered off in style. On the front panel of the tin, this design is replicated in its entirety. On the back panel of the tin, the "Koloniale Waren" banner and "Knorr" panel are replicated, along with the pillars and containers, but the shop scene is replaced with an early-1900s car. The car is brown, with black tires and black-and-silver edging, and lettering in white. On the body of the car, half-centimetre tall letters read "MAIZENA", below which smaller letters read "TIL GROD SAUCE - J[unintelligible] / BAGNING DESSERTEN - ETC / DROS - DERFOR BILLIGST" - these letters may be incorrect as they are difficult to read. On the door of the car, there is a drawing of a woman, outlined in black with white fill. On the back of the car, the word "MAIZENA" appears again, with a smaller word underneath (unintelligible). On the back doors of the car is a design, which appears to be a small black circle with a white edge, a gey rectangular bar, and a fluffier cloud shape in orange. On top of the car are several boxes, all white with black detailing. Eight boxes in is a larger box, which bears the word "MAIZENA" in red. Above the word, black letters spell "BRUG" and below "Maizena" black letters write "TIL AL". The neoclassical pillars here on the left-hand side frame a barrel labelled "KNORR", which appears in a facsimile of a stately home's mantel. Above the arch is a circular red panel with two crossed rifles in it. On the right-hand side, the neoclassical pillars frame what appears to be an advertisement or title deed, coloured yellow, for "ureya's Maizena". The same crossed rifles appear here.




Metal Tin


Facing Blackness is a multimedia exhibition that takes the public through the obscure history of portraying Black people from the colonial period to contemporary society. Using unique archive material and visual art, we show how anti-black racism became part of the Dutch 'cultural archive' and our everyday ideas, customs and utensils. On the other hand, the exhibition shows how there has always been 'everyday resistance' to various forms of racism and how Black people themselves have given and continue to give meaning to their culture and identity.


The Black Archives


Gravy Stock Tin


Two White Colonial Women, Shopkeeper, White Man, Waitress, Jester, Moustached Man,


Shop, Merchandise, Guns, Columns, Suit, Top Hat, Dress, Delivery Car, Model T Ford, Vase



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Koloniale Waren, Colonial Goods, Tin, Container



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Richard Weaver


https://www.retro-en-design.co.uk/a-46297097/sold/vintage-tin-by-knorr-koloniale-waren/#description; https://www.retro-en-design.nl/a-46297097/a-r-c-h-i-e-f-sold-out/vintage-blik-knorr-koloniale-waren/#description


Knorr, “Koloniale Waren Tin,” The Black Archives, accessed July 14, 2024, https://collection.theblackarchives.nl/items/show/3451.
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