BLM Sign

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BLM Sign


The sign seems to be descriptive towards certain puns and statements deemed as racist and/or in contradiction with the statement that is in bold letters. The phrases seem to be describing a tone that confronts and/or higlights the hypocrisy of thoughts and belief systems of the people that actually say them. The lettering of the sign is predominantly in black with some words being red which what seems to emphasize contextually.


English + Dutch

Text (Front)

"I Don't get the hype. George Floyed was a criminal. He deserved it" "THE DUTCH ARE Not Racist. we get labeled by the scum that comes Here" ACT LIKE OUR BIG AMERIKKKA! START SHOOTING" "YOU SHOULD ASK A BLACK MAN "HOW MANY TIMES DID YOU ROB PEOPLE?' " "I'M NOT RACIST BUH" "DO WE NEED MORE OF THAT TRASH HERE?" ALL LIVES ONLY MATTER WHEN IT'S CONVENIENT TO YOU IT'S Tradition IT'S not racist.IF you don't like it go BACK To your own country!" "THEY SHOULD STOP CRYING!" WHat about Racism against white people. I Experienced it too!" "WELL STAY HOME IF YOU DON'T WANT TO EXPERIENCE RACISM" "VERBIND PIET" "Do you want, in this city and in the Netherlands itself, MORE OR LESS MOROCCANS?" "PUT ALL PROTESTORS ON AN ISLAND HUPSAKEE! BE GONE." "Explain to me how western people can live a comfortable life but others can't? maybe a difference between intelligence between races?" "THE NETHERLANDS IS ours. NOT FROM THE ISLAM. ALL MOSKS SHOULD CLOSE "IF moroccan youth would Show Some Respect Racism would'nt EXIST" PICK THEM UP AND THROW THEM IN THE SEA!" "IS THERE A PLACE I CAN PROTEST MORE POLICE BRUTALITY"

Text (Back)



George Floyd, Dutch, United States, Ku Klux Klan, Zwarte Piet, Moroccan, Eugenics, Islam, Police, Police Brutality

Physical Dimensions




Demonstration Location

Nelson Mandelapark (Bijlmer)

Archived By

Emanuel Oladokun, Camille Parker, Richard Weaver, Basil Barrett, Lieke Bremer



“BLM Sign,” The Black Archives, accessed April 21, 2024,
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