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Racist ideas were passed on from generation to generation and instilled in children through children's books, games, songs and other everyday objects and customs. In addition to various forms of performance and advertising, racist portrayals of black people were conveyed to children in the nineteenth century by means of children's books, games, puzzles or other objects for children. Children's books such as Tien Kleine N*gertjes, Kleine Zwarte Sambo, and many other titles were first written in countries such as the United States, Germany, France and Belgium, and then translated into Dutch.

In addition to the large amount of translated books, there are also "original" Dutch racist books such as Een N*ger in het Dorp, and the Sjors en Sjimmie series. Stereotypes of the laziness, stupidity, and beastiality of Black people were flawlessly passed on to the next generation in this way. In this way, one could indoctrinate children with the racist image and still cling to the image of white innocence.